About us


Who we are

FirstSpear® Technology Group LLC is the sister company and industry outreach partner of FirstSpear® LLC (www.first-spear.com).  FSTG operates independently to develop, acquire, promote, integrate, and protect technological innovation in the areas of Personal Protective Equipment, Load Carriage, and Technical Apparel.



We are all on the same side, trying to support our men and women, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters; who are out there every day keeping peace and defending our freedom.  The quickest way to make the latest technological innovations available to the professionals who need it today is through partnering with forward-thinking manufacturing companies to assist in the rapid fielding of advanced products. 



Our approach to intellectual property management is to continually develop and refine technology, work with industry to increase the speed at which it gets to the men and women who need it, and establish fair arrangements in which partners get real value out of adopting the latest technologies.  FSTG is about collaborative win/win efforts that benefit the warfighter and law enforcement professional.

“We look forward to working with you in support of the overall mission.”